St Martins Şişli Gayrimenkul Yatırımcılığı Ticaret A.Ş. and Pradera Gayrimenkul Yönetimi ve Ticaret Limited Şirketi (“İstanbul Cevahir AVM”) act as data controllers regarding the management of İstanbul Cevahir Shopping and Entertainment Centre’s websites, including (“Websites”). This Cookie Policy is designed to inform the visitors about the cookies used on the Websites.

  1. Cookies

Cookies and similar technologies (“cookies”) are small text files stored on smart devices such as phones, computers and tablets, aiming to ensure proper and effective operation of websites and their improvement and optimization, to help improve user experience, to display content, advertisements, campaigns and offers that are tailored for the interests of visitors. Cookies enable the server to recognize the visitor and may contain some personal data identifying the visitor.

We use cookies to ensure that the Websites operate effectively, to enable users to navigate on the Website benefiting from all features, to improve and optimize the Websites and to provide personalized advertisements, campaigns and offers in accordance with the visitors’ interests. Personal data collected on the Websites via cookies used are not used to identify the visitors.

1.1 Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly Necessary cookies are necessary for the operation of the Websites and cannot be disabled. They enable you to navigate on the Websites and to use the features corresponding to your requests such as determining your cookie preferences, logging in or filling in web forms. Information about visitors are recognized via the use of these cookies and allow visitors enjoy an uninterrupted experience when they visit the Websites again or when they visit multiple pages in a single session. If you block these cookies using your browser, some parts of the Websites may not work properly.

1.2. Functional Cookies

Functional cookies enable the Websites to remember your details and preferences (such as your username, your language and your location of region) and to provide you personalized features. Such cookies can be used to remember the features which you may personalize with regards to font size, font or other parts of the Websites. The information collected by these cookies may be kept confidential and cannot monitor your browsing activity on other web sites. If you block these cookies using your browser, some or all of these features may not work properly.

1.3 Performance Cookies

Performance cookies collect information regarding the actions of visitors, such as most visited sites, most clicked links, error messages and duration of visit for the purposes of monitoring and analyzing the performance of the Websites, thereby helping us to improve the Websites. Information collected via cookies may be shared with the third parties in Turkey and abroad for abovementioned purposes.

1.4 Targeting/Advertising Cookies

Advertising cookies are used to display ads to visitors on their topics of interest, to prevent same ads from being displayed again and to help measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. These cookies remember visits to the Websites and such information may be shared with third party cookie providers and business partners.

  1. Which Cookies Do We Use?
Cookie Function Cookie Name Cookie Provider Cookie Purpose Retention Period
Strictly Necessary


İstanbul Cevahir AVM Used for remembering visitors in different pages within a single session.

Session duration



İstanbul Cevahir AVM Used for presenting popular results in visitors’ searches within Website. 3 days
Functional LastCallList İstanbul Cevahir AVM Used for providing a better experience by reminding visitors’ search history on the Website. 30 days
Functional rememberCookie Doğuş Teknoloji Used for storing the cookie preferences 1 month
Performance __utma


Used for monitoring website usage statistics in order to improve and enhance the Website. 2 years
Performance __utmt Google Used for processing the user’s request and generating statistics about website traffic. 10 minutes
Performance __utmb Google Used for determining new sessions/visits and generating statistics about website traffic. 30 minutes
Performance __utmc Google Configured to interact with urchin.js. This cookie works with __utmb cookie to determine whether the user was in a new session or visit before.

Session duration

Performance __utmz Google Used for storing the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user got to the site. 6 months
Performance __utmv Google Stores customer variable data at the visitor level and generates statistics about website traffic. 2 years
Performance _gat Google Used to restrict requests from Google Analytics to improve the efficiency of network searches. This cookie is created to limit requests sent from your browser by double-clicking on Google. 10 minutes
Performance _ga Google Used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly defined number as the client identifier. Each page on a site is included in the request and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for site analysis reports. 2 years
Performance _gid Google Used for monitoring user behavior. It expires after 24 hours of unused time. The content of this cookie is very similar to _ga cookie. 24 hours
Performance pk_id Inmapper Used for singularization of visitors in an unidentified way. 13 months
Performance pk_ses Inmapper Used for distinguishing what visitors do during the session. 30 minutes
Performance pk_ref Inmapper Used for determining which site visitors access the service through. 6 months
Performance piwik.php Inmapper Used for collecting data anonymously to provide a better service to users. During session

  1. Cookie Preferences

By visiting the Websites and stating their cookie preferences, visitors consent to the use of cookies in accordance with this Policy and the relevant legislation and to the transfer of third-party cookies with domestic and foreign cookie providers. Visitors have the right to reject all or part of the cookies used on the Websites. However, in case essential or functional cookies are rejected, some functions of the Websites may be unavailable, there may be some restrictions on the access, or the Websites may not function properly.

Visitors may set and change their cookie approval and rejection preferences by clicking the below link or alternatively via the settings menu of the internet browsers they use. Previously saved cookies may also be removed via the internet browser. If you have difficulty accessing the relevant settings section of your browser, the links below or the “Help” menu in your browser may help you access the cookie settings.

Please click HERE to change cookie preferences.

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  1. Security

All necessary security measures permitted by the current technology are taken to enable visitors enjoy the Websites in a secure manner and to protect their personal data. In addition, all necessary security measures are also taken to ensure the integrity of the personal data that the visitors consent to be used and only to be kept for a period necessary for the relevant purposes of use. However, visitors need to take their own precautions against risks arising from using online services, such as risks related to their devices, software or social engineering risks.